FAQs about Prosthesis Clothing

If you’ve had a lumpectomy, mastectomy, or other type of reconstructive breast surgery, you may not be sure what you’re clothing options are after surgery. Fortunately, a growing number of stores are offering clothing and enhancers that help a woman look and feel her best.

1. Mastectomy and prosthesis clothing boutiques

Boutiques are opening up that cater specifically to women who have undergone breast cancer treatment. These stores are manned by women who can give individual guidance and support when looking for the right garment. Boutiques generally offer a wide array of clothing, including shirts, bras, swimwear and lingerie. Prosthesis camisoles in Campbell can be found by visiting this website.

2. Department stores with certified prosthesis fitters

Some larger department stores now offer specialized bra fittings for breast cancer survivors. These certified prosthesis fitters are trained to give accurate advice and to help women in their private lingerie departments. For many stores, the customers are able to make appointments ahead of time before coming in.

3. Online retailers

Certain stores also carry prosthesis clothing online. Just as with the in-person stores, these online stores have undergarments with built-in prosthesis pockets. The pockets can hold your predesigned prosthesis for a comfortable fit.

It can be difficult to navigate the world of prosthesis clothing. Luckily, there now exist many stores that offer selection and support to any woman who finds herself in need of this special type of clothing. Visit this website to find a prosthesis camisole in Campbell.


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Ashley has been associated and active in Women Empowerment for more than 10 years.
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